Why did I experience rebound after my KonMari effort?

The answer is simple… I didn’t really complete the task.

My excuses were “It will be a lot easier to complete the KonMari when you are living alone. You can’t keep discarding other people’s stuff. (though I admitted I did throw away some of my family members’ stuff.)”

But when I re-think about it. There’s no one else to blame but me. I cheated. My hoarding self couldn’t discard something that didn’t really spark joy but cost me lots of money to get. I couldn’t seem to part with the things I collected and told myself that they sparked joy, well… more or less…

After the rebound, I still followed some of Marie’s advices for tidying up. They are very practical and always give me sense of accomplishment when I see my tidy space.


What trigger me to start reducing again is a documentary I came across on Netflix. It’s called Minimalism, A documentary about the important things. Well, I didn’t pay much attention when I first watched it. I was busy tidying up my work table when I kept the programme on as a background music. Strange thing was I decided that I wanted to watch it again when my husband and I couldn’t find a programme to watch together on Netflix. This time I paid more attention. I thought about what they said and how I (the born-to-be maximalist) too could start to change.

I was so impressed with what sociologist Juliet Schor said, “We are too materialistic in the everyday sense of the word, and we are not at all materialistic enough in the true sense of the word. We need to be true materialists, like really care about the materiality of goods.”

Wow, I never thought about that.

There are many more thought provoking quotes from this documentary and they are very inspiring. It’s very refreshing to know that there’s a way to freedom.





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